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Flexible packaging material for compostable ziplock bag

compostable ziplock bag
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The compostable ziplock bag uses a soft packaging whose shape is easy to change. Flexible plastic packaging is one of the fastest growing parts of packaging and is usually made of plastic polymers such as polyethylene and polypropylene.

Wholesale compostable ziplock bag for home user
The advantages of the soft packaging materials used in the compostable ziplock bag include small size, light weight structure, and the ability to be made of multiple layers of materials. These advantages can enhance things such as shelf life, durability, printability, barrier properties, sealing and Strength and other characteristics. Its flexibility is a key performance factor in many industries. The flexible packaging used in the compostable ziplock bag is usually used to pack the product during storage and transportation, and to protect the product (including food) during the shelf life.
Most waste treatment centers do not accept flexible plastic packaging for recycling because the material structure is complex, contaminated by food and light in weight, and cannot be successfully recycled. Of the very few types of flexible packaging that can be recycled, very few (about 4%) are actually recycled.
Our compostable ziplock bag flexible packaging products have the same characteristics as traditional plastic flexible packaging, including durability, transparency, sealing and barrier properties, but can be completely biocomposted and can be biodegradable in compost like organic waste.